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Organic World LLC prides itself on supplying the finest vegetables and fruits with certified international processes and standards that allow us to compete with very high levels of demand. We offer top-quality conventional, organic, and biodynamic products, originated in South America by the Andes Mountains, including garlic, onions, squash, carrots, and potatoes, at an excellent market price. 


Our products are endorsed by international certifications such as: • GLOBAL G.A.P., B.P.A (Good Agricultural Practices) • B.P.M. (Good manufacturing practices) • Organic Agriculture: IFOAM, NOP, JAS • Currently under certification processes of Biodynamic Production, Carbon Footprint, ISO 14001.


Organic World LLC has been designated the exclusive representative of GISPE S.A.C.I.A. and PUENTE BLANCO S.A. for the United States.

September 09


GISPE S.A.C.I.A. and PUENTE BLANCO S.A. are South American pioneers in the implementation of top-notch processes and technology in the agro-industry, and they have recently designated Organic World as their exclusive representative for their globally certified products and processes in the United States of America. 

Within other achievements, GISPE S.A.C.I.A. has recently completed the process started in 2014 to be successfully certified as a company with Biodynamic production through Demeter.  To be granted the certification, they have managed to comply with and develop all the processes involved in biodynamic production.


This certification certainly opens up new opportunities in markets like the U.S.A., and Organic World LLC has the privilege to be their exclusive representative for the American market starting September 2019.

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